Brian Cartmell

Brian Cartmell first visited New Zealand in 1996 and was drawn to the beauty of the country and its relaxed, natural pace. He moved to New Zealand with his partner in 2010, gave up his U.S. citizenship, became a New Zealand citizen in 2015 and now lives full time in Queenstown.

He has more than three decades of experience in the information technology sector, having risen from a programmer to become the founder of eNIC, North America's second-largest domain registry firm until its acquisition by Verisign in 2001. During this time, he provided expert testimony on Internet Governance by ICANN before the United States Senate.

Cartmell now holds significant stakes in diverse ventures that range from all-natural beverages, advanced rechargeable battery technology, fuel-efficient aviation and fusion energy.

Brian Cartmell is a member of Philanthropy New Zealand and has provided over $500,000 in donations to the following New Zealand organisations:

Starship Children’s Hospital
KidsCan Charitable Trust
Peke Waihanga Foundation
Wakatipu Community Foundation
Cure Kids
Queenstown Trails Trust
Friends of Lake Hayes Society
New Zealand Red Cross Foundation
Hato Hone St John
Dog Rescue Dunedin Charitable Trust
And others